Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Santa, i KNOW him!!

Yes, Charlie officially met Santa this week and had his picture taken. He did a great job and was so good for all of the pics we made him take before he smiled. And Santa was an even bigger trooper. I went with 4 other moms from my Next Steps group, so Santa had to sit through many poses with 5 3 month children (and their moms). But all of the kids pics came out fantastic!

We are taking Bailey to see Santa at the pet store this weekend. Proof that we really don't pay as much attention to her anymore -- All of the malls have had "pet nights" when you can bring you pets in to take their pictures with Santa. Of course in any other year, I would have known about this for months and would have been to at least one mall. But sadly, this year I missed all of the dates, or can't go to the ones that are coming up. We were supposed to go the 30th, but I got a last min ticket to the Pats-Steelers game, and went there instead. As that was the worst game ever, I regret not taking Bailey to the mall. Then I find out that Natick has Pet night on Monday, with the 15th being the last day. Of course that is my holiday party. I wish I knew about that mall earlier bc we could have gone on Monday. And sadly, I have been to that mall like 5 times in the past month. So bummed :(

Last night, Isis washaving a 30% off sale (and they never have anything on sale there). So I got a new infant carrier and a bunch more stuff for Charlie for Xmas. This kids has enough for 2 Xmases just from us alone! But it's all stuff he needs (like 3-6 month clothes) and a bunch of toys he can use throughout his 1st year. It should get him through to his 1st bday :)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Charlie's holding his bottle!!

I am such a slacker when it comes to posting on this blog. Every time I add an entry, I always tell myself that I will be more consistent about posting, and then I never do. So my goal is to post every day about Charlie... let's see how long that lasts!!

Last week we survived Charlie's 1st major holiday... thanksgiving. He did really well. I wasn't sure if he'd be overwhelmed with the traveling and visiting with so many people, but he has really turned into a social butterfly! He prefers to be entertained, so I enjoyed passing him around to everyone. But he was in relatively good spirits both at Ronnie's and then again at my mom's. There were so many people there that he was constantly getting attention and having a ball. We only had 1 incident on the drive from N. Reading to NH. We got half way to my mom's and he woe up (stupid lights on 101) and screamed the rest of the way (45 minutes). He screamed so much he was choking. Normally he will settle himself after a few minutes, but not that night. Once we got to my mom's he let out a burp and was better. I am sure his screaming caused the need to burp. At least we know why he was miserable, and it wasn't the car seat or the car.

Charlie and Daddy wore matching sweaters that day. How cute:

He also got to try out his jumperoo and high chair. He wants to be upright at all times and prefers to sit and stand rather than lying on his stomach or back. But he is not ready to sit unassisted quite yet, so we need to find equipment that gives him support so he can sit without being held. We weren't sure if he was strong enough to use these things yet, but he did really well (for 5 minute stretches).

He has become much more aware of his hands, and that he controls them. So he has been exploring all of his small toys... batting them, hitting things, and holding toys with both hands. He really likes his firefly, which has crinkles in the wings. Here he is playing with toys dangling from his piano:

He has also used this skill for productive purposes.. last night he held his bottle to feed himself! Such a big boy!

His sleeping has been getting better, some days. He still has those nights where he is up 4 or 5 times. But then he does give us nights where he sleeps for 5 hours, and then another 2-3 hours. Last night both Steve and I were so tired, and we were so happy that Charlie decided to give us a good night. He didn't nap well in the afternoon, so he got a bath a 6:30 and was down at 7:30 (30 min in the crib!!). he stayed down until 10, when he woke up and ate (after yelling for a bit - Not sure why he wakes up so angry at times). Then he went down until 3:15, and then he slept until 6 and then 7. Yay!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Charlie is almost 3 months old!

Wow time really has flown by these past 6 weeks. I didn't always feel this way... in the 1st 6 weeks, I had some of the longest days of my life and time went by so slowly. But after we hi the 6 week mark, time has really picked up. Charlie has become so much fun. He has found his hands and is completely fascinated by them. He was fighting falling asleep for about a week and i swear it was because he was too interested in his hands to sleep! I hope he learned that they don't go away during his naps!

He has also begun playing with all of his toys. I have no clue why manufacturers promote some toys for 0+ months, when they don't really notice any of them until they are 3 months... well obviously to sell toys to 1st time parents who don't know any better. But now he has really taken to some of his toys, like his piano... he loves to kick and this piano is activated when the baby hits the keys. So he is getting very good at that! He is also grabbing at toys when they hang in front of him.

He has become so vocal. He talks all the time in the car seat to his little guys that hang in front of him (rather than sleep...). He is great with tummy time and has started rolling front back to front a bit more often. Next goal --- getting him to sit without collapsing!

We have been visiting with lots of friends and family recently and Charlie has become pretty good at adapting to new places. Of course he is best when we have our home routine, but I will go nuts if we never go out. So we try to mix it up! A few weeks ago, my wonderful "NK" friends threw a "welcome Charlie" party, so he was able to meet some of his aunts -- like Alexis, Niecy, Kristen and Kelly.

Unfortunately many of the girls were busy getting a new puppy and preparing to have twins! So we made a second round of visits this past weekend. We got to meet Amanda and her new puppy Lyric. He is a Viszla... what a cutie!! And his big brother Bruno was so interested in Charlie. Bruno is a jumper, so I was worried we'd have to keep them separated. But he was on his best behavior... he just sat and started at Charlie. Amanda, i think Bruno is ready for a human baby! lol Then we went to see Kristen and her animals... so needless to say, Bailey was pretty tired from all of the dogs!!

On Sunday we visited with Alyssa and met the new girls, Amelia and Eliza. They were both ~ 5 pounds, so they were TINY! The preemie clothes were too big for them! But it was so amazing to see newborns again and realize how quickly they grow. I almost forget how tiny Charlie was. only a few months ago. Alyssa and Jeramey also have 2 poodles and they were so funny with the babies. Sadie in particular was very protective of her mom and which ever sister was in mom's hands. Whenever Bailey got near Lys, Sadie was right there to make sure everything was ok.Bailey on the other hand had no problem with 2 poodles sticking their noses in Charlie's face. She was more interested in getting up on a couch to take a nap.

We start playgroup on Thursday. Unfortunately we signed up for one that didn't have enough people so it was canceled. So we scrambled to find one with an opening. It's at the Boston location, so it's a bit more difficult for me to get to, although not sure if we'd be walking to the Brookline location like we did in the fall, as it is getting so cold! We couldn't get into any of the ones that started this week, so we joined one in progress. Weird that some were full with waitlists, but mine only had 2 people. I am a bit bummed that we missed the first week, but at least it will end before I go back to work in January. Hopefully we can learn some tips on how to get Charlie to sleep better for us.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Are we settling into a new sleep routine...

Or was it just the shots?

Charlie had his 1st set of vaccines yesterday. He did a great job and mommy got through them ok. I can't believe how hard it was to go through. I went into it very scientifically -- it's only a few seconds, it'll make him healthier, etc. And I figured he has such painful sounding screams anyway, that I would be used to the sound. Before he got the shots, he was already crying and fussing, and when she gave him the first shot, his scream wasn't any worse than when he would refuse to eat from gas pains when he was only a few weeks old. But i still started to tear up when she adminstered the shots :( I felt like I couldn't do anything to help him. But he was so brave and calmed down once I started nursing him.

He actually did really well for the first few hours at home, without any tylenol. He took a nap and when he woke up, he must have been sore because then he was miserable. But after a dose of tylenol, a long nap and a bath, he was back to his old self. I was glad I didn't need to give him any more medication. And he slept great last night! 9:30-3, 4-6:30 and then stayed in bed til 8.

He has been giving us a longer 1st sleep for the past few days now, so I really hope he is settling into good pattern (and it wasn't just the shots). Even more exciting -- we don't have to hold him anymore. We can actually put him down, on his back and he will stay asleep! Even after his night feeding... granted it's in our bed, but one hurdle at a time.

I have also started putting together his Xmas list... more to get me organized and figure out exactly what he needs. I keep thinking of things but then forget. I have begun to write it down. Luckily most of the big things he will need in the next year he already has -- like the next car seat, stroller and high chair. So we basically just need "fun" stuff -- like toys and winter clothes.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy early Halloween! Charlie had his first taste of Halloween over the weekend. We went to the Prudential for the PruBoo event and opening of the new Isis store. He got to wear his peapod costume and walk in the parade. he also had his picture taken by a photography studio. We also did a little (too much) Xmas shopping at the Isis sale. We need to figure out if he really needs all of those toys!

Charlie has really grown a lot over these past few weeks. He smiles and laughs a lot -- especially in the morning. His favorite toy is his Wally mobile over his changing table. He talks to him the entire time he is being changed. he has also started to notice some of his other toys as well, and occasionally and accidentally he'll grab one and hold onto it.

He really enjoys tummy time and is very good at holding his head up without being propped up. he can prop himself up on his elbows now. and if we put his on the boppy, hewill play with toys in front of him. his favorite toy is his mirror. all if this tummy time has helped strengthen his back and neck and he has moved on to sitting, with assistance. he can sit well in his bebe pod positioner and is working on a tripod sit.

he also is a big fan of music. we think it may be due in part to all of the rockband we played this summer :) he loves when i sing to him (probably the only person who does!). we have learned lots of songs in playgroup, although his favorite is take me out to the ballgame. man he will love fenway next summer with the singing and the life-sized wally!

playgroup ends this week. i am so glad i went to a class. i have learned a lot about infant development and ways to play with charlie. plus i met some great moms. i am sad this will be ending, but we will take the next session starting in a few weeks.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A few firsts...

Charlie got to take his first trip down to Fenway this week. And his first trip on the "T" also. On Thursday after play group, we hopped on the T and went to the Twins shop on Yawkey Way to buy a gift for my smart godson (who has declared himself a Red Sox fan in a Yankee household...). Of course Charlie got something as well ... he has no winter Red Sox clothes! The T with the large stroller is an experience. Luckily there were a few nice people getting on the train who helped carry the stroller for me. But it was still a pain. I can't imagine how difficult it would be for people in wheelchairs. Plus on the train, the stroller took up so much room. I am glad we got home before rush hour. I guess this is why we'll need an umbrella stroller.

We had lots of visitors this week... Auntie Dottie, Auntie Betty, Babci and Papa all came by this week to visit with us. It's nice having visitors! And Charlie is usually well behaved when others are around.

Most people know we belong to a playgroup... this is what the babies do while we are there. I think they are plotting against us...

One of my favorite things to do is dress Charlie. I love putting him in all of his outfits. How can you not get excited about these:

Monday, October 6, 2008

6 week update

Charlie is now past that 6 week mark and hopefully things will start getting easier (like all of the books say...). I will say that while people keep commenting on how time flies, it really feels like it has been longer than 6 weeks... i feel like he has been here for much longer!

He went to the Drs almost 2 weeks ago and weighed 9 3/4 pounds and was 21.5 inches long (1/2 inch shorter than the 2 week measurement!). He is now in the 50th percentile for both weight and length, so he has filled out. If you do the math, he has gained like an ounce a day! And he isn't even drinking formula.

Speaking of formula, we tried to introduce a few bottles, just so i wouldn't be as stressed about building up a supply and so i can leave without being tied to the amount saved in the freezer. Unfortunately, Charlie didn't do so well with it the first time around. We started with soy right away, as he had trouble with dairy in my diet. He became so gassy and it was affecting his (and our) sleep. Poor kid seemed uncomfortable all the time for about 3 days. This also coincided with a slow down in he "output" and he didn't poop for 4 days. Whether he was gassy bc of the formula or the decrease in BM, i don't know. so we have decided to hold off on the formula for a few more weeks.

Charlie has been lifting up his head like a champ. He loves his tummy time. He has also started tracking objects that move by his face and noticing more every day. He loves his mobile above his changing table. he laughs at wally every time we turn it on and when we change him, he waits for wally to start dancing. very cute :) now we just need to get him a good one for his crib.